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Administrative law

  • general advice on administrative law
  • drafting of proposals for instituting proceedings in the case observations, complaints, ordinary and extraordinary remedies, and other submissions in proceedings before administrative bodies and courts in the administration of justice
  • representing clients in the proceedings before public authorities and state administration and local governments, especially in procedures at land registry offices, construction offices, tax offices and trade offices
  • representing clients in matters of administrative punishment in the proceedings of violation of individuals, as well as administrative offenses of physical and legal persons, such as:
    - in proceedings of the violations against the safety and smooth traffic on roads 
    - on the procedures for administrative violations and misdemeanors in the field of trades 
    - on the procedures for administrative violations and offenses under the Act on Planning and Building Regulations
  • drafting claims in administrative law, including representation before administrative courts and in proceedings of cassation appeal before the Supreme Administrative Court